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Yazdığı Makaleler


(Abstracts, Reviews etc. not included)

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Science and Developing Countries

Asım Orhan Barut | University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado

It has been said that the developing countries really need engineers and technicians and not scientists in the frontiers of their fields. Yet many people from these countries are attracted by scientific curiosity and by the prospects of scientific achievement. And many choose such a carier when they can obtain the proper education or opportunity, in spite of the fact that their country can hardly offer them adequate working conditions for a lifelong development. I should like to argue that such cases should be encouraged rather than hindered and that there is an important place for a scientific community, however small, in every country. Furthermore, I shall point out some positive aspects, both national and international, of this problem.
The learning of the existing knowladge is much easier then the discovery of new knowladge. The scientific knowladge of today has been gradually build up, mainly in the western world, over a period of several centuries. The rest of the humanity need not, and must not repeat this whole process again.
Both science and technology have tendencies to spread and they are becoming a part of the culture of all countries. The technology is however always behind the scientific know-how, sometimes up to fifty years or more, and with an emphasis of technology alone one always remains behind the progress, that is always in a position to adopt what others already have created.
Some people may not be interested in knowladge for knowladge’s sake but only in applied knowladge for the benefit of society. Even here the problems of society may be solved in a quite different and better way with one’s own present day knowladge than with someone’s else knowledge of yesterday.
The scientific research is one endeavour of man which is becoming truly international. It is not done in one place or in one country. The communication between the scientists in all countries fast. The pace of progress, although mostly done in small steps, is enormous. The developing countries need strong universities and research centers to take part in this progress, to cultivate, assimilate and digest the knowladge. Without such places the young and interested scientists have no place to go but perhaps to other countries where there are such facilities. Without such places the bright young student would not dare to choose a carier as scientist where he will be, by his talent and incliuation, most happy and productive. Without such places the whole country has no place to turn for advice and conculatation in matter of science.
It may be difficult to start a scientific tradition. For young bright people will choose mostly a carier which has the most prestige in their society, or they will look up to a great man as their ideal and model. For example, since Enrico Fermi the Italian physics has developed itself into a very dynamic form. Many others have gone into physics because of great men like Einstein, Bohr and many others. In my own experience, when we finished high school in Turkey, the proper thing for those interested in physics and mathematics was to go into engineering which had the most prestige. Understandable because with a degree in physics all you could hope to do was to teach in a high school. And we did go into engineering, only to come back to science in a hard way mostly by self education. Strongly enough, almost all the young people in this category, and a great many people from other less developed countries that I have come to know since then, were more inclined and talented to abstract thinking and philosophy then in technical matters, building and working with machines, and so on. Perhaps because we were not brought up in a technical environment.
On the otjer hand the building of strong universities and centers of higher learning is relatively easier and inexpensive than the building of the new industries, specially in theoretical sciences through the contact and visits of scientists from all countries. I believe also that it is easier to develop the industrilization of a country with a strong scientific group to guide the new generation, although it may seem to some people that you must have industries first to do science.
The final test of scinetific endeavour is of course by experiment. There may be many possible worlds which one can constract by various hypotheses but only one actual physical world. Thus all postulates and hypotheses must at the end be verified, in all their conclusions, by experiment. Although experimental science is very important it must go hand in hand with theoretichal work which synthesizes, form new concepts, unifies and actually builds the knowladge. In some branches of sciences, as in modern high energy physics, the experimentalwork is very difficult and requires such immense machines and equipments that it is concentrated to a few gigantic centers, like CERN at Geneva, Brookhaven and Berkeley in U.S.A. and Dubna in Soviet Union, etc. On the other hand theoretical sciences can be developed away from thesecenters and it will givean opportunity to scientists from the developing countries, for example, to achieve important results and make fundamental contributions to the development of science. They need howeverto communicate and discuss their results, to keep in touch with what is going on in experimental and theoretical centers.
One other important point should be pointed out. That concerns the relation of teaching and research. The most effective advanced teaching is done by people who are engaged in active research. Teaching must not be static, it must continuously evolve with the evolution of science. The ideal combination of teaching and research is achieved in important American and European universities. It is the only way to build strong universities which can probably educate the new generations and be the storage place of knowledge.
A life dedicated to the research for and the discovery of truth is a noble one. It is human, objective and universal. It is a challenge to human intellect. The richness of nature is inimaginable; the beauty of its laws and forms unsurpassed. The spread of the scientific method and knowledge throughout the whole world can be one of the important factors which would bring all mankind together.